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The fashion industry is full of career possibilities for people on the cutting edge of style—from creating your own line of apparel to connecting with
consumers, forecasting trends, drawing shoppers to the store, and managing a retail operatio

 FASHION DESIGN  The Art Institutes - International Viewbook 2013_page7_image72
Certificate (C) | Diploma (D) |
Associate (A) | Bachelor (B)

Fashion designers dictate the look of generations. They deconstructed the dresses of the 20s and gave shoulder pads to the 80s. Each season’s collections draw from the past while creating something new and exciting. Fashion designers dictate style, creating trends that reverberate throughout the ages.
Recommended Schools:
Vancouver (C,D) | Seattle (A,B) |
San Francisco (A,B) | Los Angeles (B) |
Hollywood (A,B) | San Diego (B) |
Chicago (B) | Pittsburgh (B) | New York (A) |
Miami (A,B) | Orange County (B) |
Philadelphia (A,B)


Diploma (D) | Associate (A) | Bachelor (B)
Where business savvy and a discerning eye for style collide, Fashion Marketing students exist. Those who make fashion their profession interpret runway trends to suit the masses. They understand a designer’s vision and a
consumer’s needs, ultimately selling style  to society.
In our fashion management programs, you’ll learn about the business and history of fashion—from retailing, marketing, manufacturing, and visual merchandising to consumer behavior, fashion cycles,  store planning, and event production.
You’ll also learn the creative side, including color theory and design, to help make  you a better merchandiser and to help  you understand what makes a good  fashion design.
Recommended Schools:
Vancouver (D) | Seattle (A,B) |The Art Institutes - International Viewbook 2013_page7_image68
San Francisco (A,B) | Los Angeles (B) |
Hollywood (A,B) | Orange County (B) |
San Diego (B) | Pittsburgh (B) | Boston (B) |
Silicon Valley (B) | Chicago (B) |
Philadelphia (A,B) |

Diploma (D)
Becoming a professional in this field is all about ‘thinking like the customer’. Having a keen awareness of the changing needs of the customer, learning how to identify and predict new style trends, and being able to conceptualize and promote fashion creatively are the key ingredients to a successful carin the ever-expanding marketplace. Learn how to combine your creative and business skills to display, market, and sell fashion merchandise. Also learn how to evaluate apparel construction, identify appropriate characteristics and uses of different textiles, gain knowledge of consumer behavior, retail operations, visual merchandising, the larger marketplace, and business skills.
Recommended Schools:
San Francisco (D) | Hollywood (D) |
San Diego (D) | Silicon Valley (D) | Chicago

Associate (A)
Across the globe, Fashion constitutes a multibillion dollar industry. If you are business-savvy,creativeand passionate about fashion, the Fashion Merchandising Program will take your talent and creative abilities to a higher level. Work with apparel retailers or wholesalers to analyze, implement and develop effective fashion marketing strategies. Learn how to buy, sell and promote fashion products. Grasp fashion industry fundamentals, manipulate current computer software fashion applications and create professional visual displays.
Recommended Schools:
Chicago (A) | Philadelphia (A)


Associate (A) | Bachelor (B)
Apparel Design is about the marriage of fabulous style and preciseThe Art Institutes - International Viewbook 2013_page15_image1 construction; about communication, technology and entrepreneurship; about beauty and function. Students learn under the tutelage of instructors with great experience in the fashion industry. Classmates motivate each other to
innovate through originality and adaptability, both essential characteristics of successful professionals in the industry. In the classroom, apparel design students are expected to develop skills in clothing design, sketching and illustration, patternmaking and draping, garment construction, textiles, critical analysis and computer aided design.
Recommended Schools:
Portland (A,B) | Miami (A)


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