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You see it in the web ads, magazine covers, logos, movie posters, and product packages created by graphic designers, in the aesthetic and practical work of interior designers, and in the new products that spring from the minds of industrial designers.

GRAPHIC DESIGNCertificate (C) | Diploma (D) | Associate (A)

Bachelor (B) | Master (M)

As environmental demands escalate and take centre focus in educational and

political discourse, there is a growing need

for designers who can provide solutions

while creating sustainable, eco-conscious

designs. This academic program aims to

produce graphic designers who are able to

express themselves creatively while visually

communicating a message through the use of

typography, imagery, and layout on packages,

labels, websites, and other mediums.

Recommended Schools

vancouver (C,D,B) | Seattle (A) |

San francisco (A) | Los Angeles (AHollywood (A) | Orange county (A) |

San Diego (C,A) | Boston (B) | chicago (A,B)

pittsburgh (A,B) New york (A) | miami (B,M) philadelphia (A,B)

ADVERTISINGDiploma (D) | Associate (A) | Bachelor (B)

Advertising is about selling emotion as much

as products. Great advertising communicates

character and feeling in a product, allowing

the consumer to no longer see an object,

but rather an extension of themselves. If you

are fascinated by how media interacts with

commerce to sell goods and services, this

comprehensive program can provide the

skills to enter this market-driven industry. Let

someone else produce the movie or designer

clothes—you’ll be the one who lets the world

know they exist.

Recommended Schools

vancouver (D) | San francisco (B) |

Los Angeles (B) | Hollywood (B) |

San Diego (A,B) | Orange county (B) |

chicago (B) | pittsburgh (B) | miami (B) |Silicon valley (B) philadelphia

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Diploma (D) | Associate (A) | Bachelor (B

With an eye for dynamic visuals and a sixth

sense for predicting what will grab people’s

attention, web designers are cutting-edge

communicators. They are multitalented people

with the specialized skills of both artists and

technicians. These individuals wield twenty-firstcentury

tool chests, using computer software

to produce on-target concepts and great

animation graphics. Whether the objective is

educating or entertaining, it’s all about

grabbing the viewer’s attention with enough power

to make the message stick.

Recommended Schools

ADDITIONAL DESIgN pDesign and Media ManagementROgRAmS

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INDUSTRIAL DESIGNCertificate (C) | Associate (A) | Bachelor (B)

Everything we interact with—from furniturappliances tocomputers—originated in themind of an industrial designer. By combining

aesthetics with ergonomics, usabilitysustainability,industrial designers imprproducts and create new ones to enhance our

interaction with the world around us.

Here, you can work with the same harand software industry professional’including Intel Xeon Mac Pros; iMac computers;

Intel-based PCs; and software, including Adobe

Lightroom, Illustrator, Photoshop, InDesign, and

Apple Aperture. Our industrial design degrprograms canprepare you for such entry-level positions as model maker, studio assistant,

illustrator, and exhibit builder at places like

architectural firms, industrial design studios,

manufacturing companies, and mor

Recommended Schools

Seattle (C,A,B) | portland (B) |

Hollywood (B) | Orange county (B) | pittsburgh (A,B)

manufacturing companies, and mor

Recommended Schools

Seattle (C,A,B) | portland (B) |

Hollywood (B) | Orange county (B) | pittsburgh (A,B)

Design & Technical  Graphics

Design Management

Design Research (BFA, Portland)

Design Visualization (BS, Portland)

Entertainment Design

Illustration & Design

Interior Planning with AutoCAD

Set & Exhibit Designv


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